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Our Gold Support Plan covers:

  • Database maintenance & optimisation on your ePOS System to ensure it is running optimally.
  • We will configure and monitor database backups which are critical to ensure you never loose any of ePOS data and will minimise downtime should any hardware failures occur.
  • Your computers will receive updates remotely once every three months.
  • Up to two hours per week “Remote Support” are included with this plan (any additional time may be charged for at discounted rate)
  • We carry out an annual system cleanup which includes full malware scan, disk cleanup and general  system maintenance is completed.
  • This plan cover up to 8 PC’s (for more please contact us for an estimate)

Proper maintenance can add years of longevity to your ePOS System as well as reducing downtime or stress caused by a poorly running system and minimizing the risk of data loss.

All payments are 100% secure. We use 256-bit encryption for all transactions!

If you encounter any issues, just give us a call on 059-9186663 or contact us via our Live Chat below during office hours.

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